10 types of MUST EAT FOOD in Kota Kinabalu & our Restaurant (Other Branches)

Tuaran Noodle @ Tuaran Mee Restaurant


This is something you will never find at other places else besides Sabah. Tuaran noodle is our local specialty – and we are proud. The noodle is made mostly of eggs, you can taste the difference with normal yellow noodles.

Many Sabahans make the effort to have at least one plate of Tuaran noodle whenever they come back from overseas. Their trip won’t be complete without a plate of Tuaran noodle.

Direction (Tuaran Mee Restaurant) | Normal business hours | Price: dunno


Laksa Noodle @ Yee Fung Laksa


What can be better to have a thick, creamy, mild spicy curry-laksa noodle early in the morning? Squeeze some fresh lime juice to enhance the taste! It comes with a small plate of sambal belacan (shrimp paste) to complete the perfect breakfast.

You can also try their specialty drink too. I won’t reveal what’s their drink here 😛

Direction (Yee Fung Laksa) | Available: 6am until 4pm daily | Price RM7


Tenom Noodle @ How Lee Restaurant


Tenom noodle is a local dish that originates from Tenom. Many like this noodle for it’s simple yet flavorful taste. You can consume it on its own, or eat with other dishes on the menu.

You can choose different toppings for the noodle, and I always go with simple pork slices.

Direction (How Lee Restaurant) | Available from 6pm until 3am | RM5.50


Roast Pork Noodle @ Restaurant Kin Hwa

 duck-noodle-gong-dong-zaiTwo things I like about the food at Kin Hwa restaurant. 1) roast duck 2) konlo noodles. Their noodle seasoning stands out from the typical konlo noodle here in KK. Also the duck is always roasted to perfection. Many dropped by during lunch time for take away.

Roast duck is their specialty.. And it’s really good. I am using roast pork in the photo because I did not take the photo of roasted duck that day. Bummer!

Direction (Restaurant Kin Hwa) | Available from morning until late afternoon | RM6.00


Coconut Pudding @ Restaurant Makanan Sedap


I have to give full credit to the person who created coconut pudding. It’s such a simple dessert yet tastes so refreshing and wonderful.

The method of making this coconut is pretty simple. You take out the coconut juice, cook it with gelatin and condense milk, pour it back in. Then serve chilled. We used to drive to Sepanggar (30 min. drive from CBD) to have these humble dessert. Now, you can find them in certain restaurants within city area.

Direction (Restaurant Makanan Sedap 蝦中蝦) | Dinner time (depends on availability | RM10.00


Ikan Bakar @ Lotus Restaurant

ikan-bakarNormally, typical grilled stingray is seasoned with curry paste and seasoning. But this stall, the owner adds a layer of flour and pan-fry until the fish until it has a layer of crunchy flour, which adds a dimension to the texture. Then, the owner added secret sauce to complete the cooking.
To finish it up, he added more toppings on top – fried onions and extra vegetables to complete the dish. Ah, puuuurrrction! it’s so good!

Direction (Lotus Restaurant) | Available during dinner time only |Price: RM20? (depends on size of fish)


Grill Fish @ Philippine Night Market


Filipine market serves great grilled seafood. This market also sells fresh vegetables, dry market and wet market, and even fresh sea produce. This market is now filled with tourists, you’ll be fascinated with the size of the seafood, as well as choices to choose from.

It’s a rowdy market when the sun sets. A must-visit place for KK first timers. Tip: try negotiate price with the hawker in different languages 😉

Direction (opposite Le’ Meridien hotel) | Available after sunset | Price: varies


Tom Yam Fish Noodle @ Kedai Kopi Dat Seng

tom-yam-fish-noodle-terminal-busRemembering the first time I ordered this tom yam fish noodle, I was intrigue by the red-spicy look of the fish noodle. “Wah! this must be very spicy!” First bite, hmm taste good – Second bite, hmmm wasn’t so spicy – Third bite, OUH THIS IS GOOD – Forth bite, I am enjoying the entire bowl of noodle.

I always make the effort to have fried fish fillets because anything that’s fried, it’s good. Heheehe.

Direction (Kedai Kopi Dat Seng) | Available from breakfast until lunch | RM7.50


Laksa Pan Mian @ Kedai Kopi Laksa Dan Makanan


The laksa pan mian served in this restaurant tastes more creamier than other laksa noodle I’ve tasted.

Wait – creamier? That’s right bebeh.. calling this as “laksa” is not technically correct. It’s more like cross-fusion between curry and laksa. Normally, curry laksa taste mild spicy with cream in it. This laksa is opposite – you taste the cream first, then follow by mild spiciness. If you consume the soup non-stop,  you cannot actually taste the spiciness. lol.

Direction (Kedai Kopi Laksa) | Morning until noon | RM5.50


Roast Pork @ Restaurant Lim Kee

roast-pork-lim-keeI don’t know about you but when I stepped into the restaurant, I was amazed at the amount of roast porks, roasted ducks and chickens at the stall.

Normally stalls only fit in one stall… but this stall need TWO stalls to accommodate the amount. I ordered a small plate to taste what they have to offer. Many friends recommended me this place.. and they are right!

Especially the roasted pork, the outer skin is so crunchy, almost like eating a crackers (insert: addictive)

Direction (Restaurant Lim Kee) | 7am to 4:30am | RM6.00

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