10 Simple Tips and Tricks for Awesome Food

We all know that food is awesome. But what can make food even more awesome? Little tips and tricks that take a delicious meal to over the top deliciousness. I found 10 simple food combos, recipes and additions that you can make to bring a dish up to the next level of drool worthy. Are you ready?

#1: Make homemade mac n’ cheese with gnocchi

Cheese, chewy pasta and all baked together. Think about it.
Recipe via thecuttingedgeofordinary.blogspot.ca

#2: Amp up your s’more

Substitute milk chocolate with white or even peppermint. Add peanut butter or a peanut butter cup. The possibilities are endless!
Recipe via carolsnotebook.com

#3: Add peanut butter to ramen noodles

Sounds crazy, right? But apparently this trick takes an inexpensive pack of noodles and makes it taste like a million bucks.
Full recipe at reddit.com

#4: Roll ups for easy apps

I like to have a back up of easy, ready to go roll ups around. Add different cheeses and pop in the oven to get appetizers in a few minutes.
Recipe via stockpilingmoms.com

#5: Banana Dog 

Banana and peanut butter gets a face lift with a hot dog bun and some jam, also a yummy treat for any little ones!
Recipe via thevillagecook.com

#6: Explore New Territories with Berries and Chocolate

Chocolate covered strawberries are great but I think that these options might be better. Plus, what could be easier than popping a chocolate chip into a raspberry?
Recipe via spearmintkitchen.com

#7: Sour Patch Grapes

Roll grapes in Jell-O powder for a tangy and healthy alternative to a Sour Patch Kid.
Recipe via puresugar.net

#8 Easy Peasy Belgian Waffles

Spread some crunchy peanut butter and marshmallow fluff onto a waffle, flip it into a sandwich and you have an excellent snacking or dessert option.
Recipe via kraftpeanutbutter.com

#9 Combine Salty with Fruity

It might sound a bit bizarre but salt and fruit is one of my favourite flavour combinations. Next time you slice up a watermelon, sprinkle some salt on it! Or, try some honeydew or cantaloupe melon with prosciutto.
More recipes via blog.khymos.org

#10 Bake Brie

Bust this out at your next dinner party to impress all your guests! Bake a wheel of brie, serve with honey or jams and bread or crackers.
Recipe via instructables.com


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